According to the research of sexologist prof. Zbigniew Izdebski, about 30 percent. Polish men and about 20 percent. Women betray their partners. Most betrayals are in the voivodeship Zachodniopomorskie (oh, those long separations of people of the sea...), and the least in Wielkopolskie (Poznań fidelity and honesty?). The largest cheating group are people aged 40-49.

This is the age when boredom creeps into a stable relationship, and there are still opportunities. Polish people, according to prof. Izdebski, betrayed exceptionally cleverly. They do it so skillfully that often the partner either does not find out about the betrayal at all, or a third party informs him about it. That's probably why only about 4 percent. of those who have a steady partner believe their partner has someone else. Prof. Izdebski says that any unusual behavior of a partner may indicate his betrayal. Because although cheaters may think they are so smart, there are some signs of betrayal.



It is said that the betrayed woman feel that something is going on, but she tries to ignore the signals and prevent suspicion from becoming aware of it. Now you remember a friend who mentioned few month ago that he saw your husband in the car with some lady. Apparently, they looked like friends ... To your questions, the husband replied casually: "She's a colleague from work, she was in a hurry, so I dropped her off." You considered the matter irrelevant. Now you realize that around this time he started coming home much later. You thought, "He's working for us," and you didn't reproach him. And then business trips, work on weekends ... More and more elements start to fit into the puzzle. You realize that your husband's affair has been going on for months. You realize that because of another woman, the husband has changed a lot, he started taking care of himself, he uses better cosmetics, he bought a new suit. Supposedly to present himself better at work ... You also realize that he has mentioned several times about a colleague from work who is exceptionally kind and helpful to him. He spoke wormly of her. But towards you, he has become independent and rebellious like a teenager. You thought,"I can't limit him, he needs a distraction." Now you curse your naivety: “How could I have been such an idiot? I was deaf and blind."

Source: Jak żyć po zdradzie - Styl w INTERIA.PL

When you get the information that your partner is cheating on you, first there is shock, disbelief, tears, anger ... it's impossible that he could do this to me ... Until now you thought that your relationship was good. Now you feel like your world is collapsing like a house of cards in an instant. The closest person deceived you, betrayed you, hurt you. failed… You despair, you do not sleep at night. What you're really dreaming about is that this nightmare will turn out to be just a bad dream. But it's not like that!!! He is cheating on you and will probably leave you… there is another woman in your husband's life.

Don't blame yourself, whatever made him cheat is his fault - not yours. He should have talked to you earlier, that the relationship is choking him, that he feels lonely... maybe after talking to you to save your relationship, compromise... but he didn't... he didn't talk to you... he cheated on you.

Get started, don't wait. Maybe it's worth getting evidence of his betrayal, hiring a detective who will collect evidence of his betrayal, prepare evidence for you. And so your husband has already betrayed you and the next step may be abandoning you... Think - you have children, common property, which you earned for so many years.

Maybe you need to protect yourself... what will you do if he leaves you for the “other ”?. Prove him guilty. Start taking matters into your own hands... don't despair, just act!!! Start being a strong woman. Life failures make people stronger. Life is ahead of you!!! You'll still be happy.