Family matters

Thanks to professional skills and modern technical equipment, detectives employed in the TMK DETECTIVE verify suspicions with the facts and obtain information to which an ordinary person has no access. The detectives of the TMK DETECTIVE Office will obtain for you information on the credibility of your partner and collect evidence needed in the case of marital infidelity.

They will obtain information about the place of work, address of residence and financial status. They will undertake to resolve cases in the event of persecution by third parties or cases with a criminal background. They will solve the problem of suspicions of wiretapping or any spying devices. They will monitor your child for addictions and unexplained behavior.


  • Detection of marital infidelity
  • Observation of people and objects
  • Counter-surveillance / checking that the person is not being watched
  • Checking and observation of babysitters
  • Help in verifying the child's contacts with the environment related to social pathologies: drug addiction, alcoholism, subcultures, etc.
  • Detection of marriage fraud
  • Search for missing persons/ancestors/relatives
  • Searching for people in hiding
  • Searching for stolen material goods
  • Determining the place of work
  • Determining your place of residence
  • Determining the assets
  • Environmental interview
  • Detection of wiretaps and spy devices in rooms, computers, telephones and cars

We approach each issue entrusted to us individually, preparing an appropriate action strategy.