An undetected eavesdropping device can make your life very difficult or even ruin it. If you are concerned that you have been tapped, we encourage you to contact our TMK DETECTIVE Office immediately. Our detectives offer a full and discreet range of professional detection of wiretaps, spy devices, hidden cameras both in private apartments and in offices.

The TMK DETECTIVE office has the most modern equipment for wiretapping detection, much more effective than previous generations of such devices. We have over 15 years of experience and we approach each order with full professionalism. We can detect even the most camouflaged and technically advanced eavesdropping devices. We detect active and passive eavesdropping devices - connected to power, in sleep mode, turned off, camouflaged voice recorders, hidden cameras, GPS locators.

We provide wiretapping detection services:

  • In houses
  • In offices
  • In cars
  • In other places indicated
  • In phones
  • In computers