Economic affairs

Detectives of the TMK DETECTIVE Office will help in solving all matters arising from economic matters. At the request the detectives will conduct a business investigation regarding the contractor's credibility and make appropriate arrangements. The TMK DETECTIVE helps business entities verify debtors and search for hidden assets. Our office specializes in detecting employee theft and finding wiretaps and spy devices. The offer is addressed to entrepreneurs and institutions. Please familiarize with the services we offer. In case of any question, please contact us and we will definitely find a solution.


  • Verification of the contractor's credibility
  • Disclosure of sources of income
  • Revealing hidden assets
  • Determining the place of work
  • Detection of wiretaps and spy devices in rooms, cars, computers, telephones
  • Detection of counterfeit trademarks
  • Verification of employees
  • Employee theft detection
  • Unfair competition detection
  • Detection of fraud from insurance companies

All our activities are carried out in secret and are completed with a specialist report on the activities carried out. We guarantee the highest quality of our detective services.